Craters to Coast Schools Program


Funded by Origin and Santos through the Craters to Coast Alliance, this project provides up to $1000 of funding for local schools.

Funding goes to projects that provide environmental education and/or deliver an on ground project that benefits the local environment. 


Schools are sent and application form each year and are required to fill it out and return it. In order to receive funding schools must become associate members of the network.

Cobden Primary School were successful in receiving funding from our Craters to Coast program that is supported by Origin and Santos.

This program was to support their environmental programs at school looking at recycling and sustainability at home, in particular to help set-up a chicken coop for the students.

It was amazing to hear and see the kids involvement with the program and how it has helped their understanding of the household sustainability issues. It was also really great to see the children being responsible for the chickens health and welfare.
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Craters to Coast Cobden Primary School Partnership

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