Focus on cover crops

Our new series 12 Covers in 12 Weeks starts with tillage radish, leafy turnip and sunn hemp.

Tillage Radish

Thrilling and ravishing for any soil. Every part of the tillage radish is beneficial to the soil and grazing livestock, but it is best known for its long, strong tap root which drills through heavily compacted and degraded soils.

Read more in the pdf at right.

Leafy Turnip

Leafy turnip seeds germinate quickly, like radish, and provide good early grazing feed in an autumn or spring sowing.

Sunn Hemp

Fibre, Fodder, Fixer and Fuel.

Sunn Hemp originated in India where it is for its fibre. Increasingly however it is being used as a nitrogen fixer and soil improver in cooler climates. 

Cobden Lake Planting

 A Bostocks Landcare Group and HDLN iniative with support for the Cobden Lake Committee helped plant 300 grasses and shrubs with Cobden Primary School and also the Hampden Specialist School

Gilson College Planting

Gilson College visited our area as part of their community engagement camp in which they spend 2 weeks in the district helping and learning about the region. We were lucky enough to have them across 1 week which we planted a huge amount of trees.

Carbon On The Farms

Thrilled to be working with many partners including Deakin Uni, Corangamite CMA, Corangamite Shire, Camperdown Compost, Triple R Biochar and Power for Farmers on this innovative project tackling on-farm greenhouse gases.

Fire Recovery for the District at Glenfyne Hall.

An excellent turn out at the Fire recovery BBQ and chat at Glenfyne Hall last night. More than 70 in attendance with Elingamite-Cobrico Landcare hosting and the HDLN crew and CCMA supporting the event. Thanks to all who pitched in to help. We’re looking forward to a community-led joint effort between Landcare, CMAs, DELWP, the Shire, AgVic etc to restore our extraordinary landscape.

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Project Funding

Biofund is HDLN's annual grant program focused on planting, protection, enhancement or linking of native vegetation and that encourage community participation.

EOIs are due 30th September of each year.  If you have a good project idea, click on the fact Sheets and Forms page above to download the guidelines and application forms.

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Please feel free contact us for more information...5598 3755

Excess Trees available
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Weeds Hotline

Got an issue with or have you spotted noxious weeds?

Call DEDJTR on 5561 9904 for assistance and advice.

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