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This is the Network's base onground works project focussing on revegetation and remnant protection on Public and Private Land. It has been running for over 12 years and engages farmers and community groups and achieves physical onground outcomes.

It is good value for funders with substantial leveraging of investment with funds used to pay for tubestock/direct seeding. Landholders/managers pay for fencing, site preparation, weed control and planting labour.

Revegetation works can take a number of forms including shelterbelts, buffers around remnant vegetation and waterways, erosion control, habitat plantings and aesthetic/educational plantings.

Applications via HDLN expression of interest forms are due each September. Projects are selected using a scoring system to select out of EOIs (takes in to account environmental benefit, linkages and number of projects previously completed).

Groups and individuals can apply by calling the office on 5598 3755 or downloading forms from this website (go to the Resources page and look for the EOI section).

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