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Gardens For Wildlife Booklets


From the beauty of the tall forests of the Heytesbury region to the stunning plants of the Volcanic Plains the flora and fauna of the Corangamite Shire is both beautiful and unique but under constant pressure to survive.


People and wildlife are sharing space with what was once habitat for wildlife, now we are under serious threat of losing this critical and vital habitat. Unrecognized and under-appreciated these local plants are essential for our unique wildlife to survive. More than ever there is a pressing need to help find a balance where people and wildlife can coexist; we need to turn this tide of decline.


In an endeavour to encourage the community to stem this decline the Heytesbury District Landcare Network and Lismore Land Protection Group with funding and support of Corangamite Shire have produced two separate small booklets containing basic information that will introduce the beauty of our local plants and their suitability for your garden.


Corangamite Shire has two distinct environmentally significant ecosystems, the Heytesbury region which stretches from the woodlands of the Otway foothills to the heathland of the coastal plain, and the Victorian Volcanic Plains region, which stretches from the Heytesbury boundary near Cobden, through grassy plains and woodlands to the northern boundary of Corangamite Shire at Skipton and beyond. Hence two distinct booklets have been prepared to cover each separate region.


On the 20th May 2023 these attractive booklets were launched at two locations. The booklet covering the Heytesbury region was launched at Timboon Township  with a free BBQ run by the Lions and free local plants given away, while bat boxes made by the Timboon Men’s Shed were on sale.  


The Victorian Volcanic Plains booklet was launched at the Murnong Indigenous Garden in Lismore with a free afternoon tea and local seeds given away. 

With advice provided in these booklets you can become a force for change and create a safe haven in your garden for our unique wildlife. You can download the booklet by clicking on the images above.


We can all do our part to ensure Corangamite’s ecosystems become, and remain, beautiful and healthy protecting our soil, water, flora and fauna into the future.

HDLN wishes to thank Thais Hardman from Curdies Valley Landcare Group for her big effort in coordinating the booklet and its launch. 

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