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Going Upstream Project Success

The Going Upstream project was a great success with more than 100 participants, a good number of field activities and 8 workshops promoting water supply information and savings measures.

A water harvesting and shelter facility in Warrnambool will help people to better understand the impact of drawing water supply from the Gellibrand River.

The project’s mascot GUS (pictured here at a speed planting event in Warrnambool) was a great hit.

An unplanned aspect of Going Upstream was Christian Schultink’s Journey up the Gellibrand River. Inspired by the project and assisted by Bruce Campbell, he decided a kayaking expedition up the river would ground-truth the condition of the river. A series of short videos will tell the story and provide a legacy of the project.

To watch these videos subscribe to the Heytesbury District Landcare Network YouTube Channel

A number of project participants took up the water saving rebates on offer and applied water saving technologies to their homes, reducing their water use and impact on the Gellibrand River.

A demonstration site was also created at the Warrnambool Community Garden where water saving measures and an interpretive artwork about the Going Upstream project can be viewed.

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